Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving came and is now gone, and I finally have time to post some of my most recent crafts.  K’s last day of school for this session was the day before Thanksgiving, and she is now off till the 9th of Jan.  Before she was done, they had a Thanksgiving party.  I made some skittle sticks for the kids in her class with some turkey tags that I created, in retrospect, I should have made the beaks a bit bigger, but oh well, they still turned out super cute.


I also made her a new little “fall” skirt.  She loves the panels with the owls.


And next weekend is her b’day party, so I am trying to get things set up for that.  I decided to make her her own little party hat to wear.  I think I still want to make a “4” to attach to it, but for now this is it.