Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine’s Day

This year, with it being K’s first year of school for Valentines Day, I had to put my hand forward and make her “cards” for her. I had to make a total of 40 of them, 27 for her class, and 13 for a party we have to go to after class that day. I used my cricut to cut a file found on named Sweet Treat Bags.  I need to add some more embellishments to them, just need to find something in my many stashes as to what I want to use. I bought some 3x4 bags and a stack of K&C Valentine paper over at Michael’s.  I filled the bags with some sweethearts and some valentine M&M’s.





I also printed up some Subway art for the walls that I found over on Pinterest, I am addicted to this site!