Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Little Time To Get Back Into Crafting

We are moved!  Almost completely settled in.  I have my sewing machine set up, my serger is still in the box, as is my cameo, and my crochet hooks are still down in the basement in a box. I have done a few small sewing projects for my husband, basically making him cozy’s for some camping gear and boxing a bag he had.  Last night I made some stickers for an order from a gal on Facebook.  Tonight I managed to make a few new scrapbook papers.  If you would like other colors or sizes, please feel free to ask for them. These papers are all 12”x12” papers at 300dpi. And you can download them HERE.  ENJOY!

concrete butterfly aqua concrete butterfly blueconcrete butterfly lime concrete butterfly orangeconcrete butterfly pink concrete butterfly purple


Hopefully now that we are almost set up completely, I can get back into creating.  I have a few dresses I want to make for K as she starts school in a week and a half. I received my CB09 blade today for my cameo, so when necessary I finally have a backup blade for her, and will be more willing to play around more with different weights and materials on her.