Thursday, November 29, 2012

And Life Happens…

With our return to WI, and closer to being “back home”, we have attended a family reunion, K has started 4K at school, hubby started a new job, I have returned to work, a year earlier than planned, but  more financial issues reared their ugly head and it became a necessity for me to do so.  I have done some work on a few odds and ends projects. I have hemmed some pants.  I have made some more crochet hair clips for a friends daughter back in CA.

I have made some washcloths.

  I made some Halloween treat boxes for K’s new class.

A birthday card from K to her old teacher.

I made an owl hat for K and designed a skull mohawk hat for hubby.


And I am currently working on a sweater for K. It’s been ripped out about 5 times now, but it is slowly getting there, just taking longer now that I am back to work.