Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bandwidth Reached

I have been informed by a few people that they have not been able to download my files because the bandwidth has been reached for the month through my account.  Apparently they only allow 10GB to be downloaded each month for the free accounts.  Financially right now I am unable to pay for the monthly service fee, so I am forced to look for another site that either has a larger download bandwidth or even better an unlimited download bandwidth.  I have currently started moving some requested files over to the 4Shared website, however, I am not a big fan of all the advertising on their site.  Anyone have any suggestions for me? 

Anyway, here is a link to the recent center butterfly files. If you have a request for any of my past files, please let me know and I will upload them also to 4shared.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Center Butterfly Papers

I had lots of fun with this one, shading not only the backgrounds of the papers, but the butterfly itself.  You can find them free to download for your personal use HERE. There are a total of 24 papers in this set and all are 12x12 300dpi.


aqua sunburstblue green on greypeach reflectionpink

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Car Seat Tent, Sheet & Boppy Cover

Today M and I finished off a few more projects.  While I finished up the car seat tent, which ended up being a total of 11 different pieces sewn together compared to the 6 pieces it is normally, M starting the cutting and sewing on the crib sheet. We wanted to try it on the crib mattress before we put the rest of the elastic corners on, so we put on 2 corners and she took it home to make sure it fits and will put in the other 2 corners at home herself.  She called me earlier and said she tried it on the mattress and said that it fit like a glove.  That was music to my ears! 

After I finished the car seat tent, I started cutting the pieces for the boppy cover, and man piecing that thing was a pain. The front ended up being 3 different pieces because we didn’t have enough of the fabric that she originally wanted as the front due to the way it had to get cut apart for the car seat tent, and the back is 2 pieces because the way the fabric that we did have for it was laid out. The back is the red stripe you see in the car seat tent, I didn’t take any photos of the back though.

It is all coming together though and all turning out so much cuter than I would have imagined it would be. Next piece is cutting apart the twin bed skirt and making that into crib size, the crib bumper, and final piece of a hooded towel. At least that is all for now, the hooded towel was added to the list today, so who knows what will end up being added before we completely get done with this whole project.

06142011-skurvy car seat tent front

06142011-skurvy car seat tent back

06142011-skurvy crib sheet

06142011-skurvy boppy

Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Quilt

A friend found out she was pregnant (after she was 21 weeks already in, YIKES) and she wanted help making some bedding and such for little D.  She picked out her theme, we met up at the fabric store and picked up the fabrics to accent the bedding set she bought.  We tore the old/new bedding set apart, since she could only find in twin size, and we are slowly piecing everything together.  Today we finished the quilt.  Almost have her car seat tent done, and have the sheet cut up ready to be sewn together to downsize it from twin to crib size.

06132011-skurvy quilt

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Your Creations, My Creations

I would love to see any and all creations that you have created using any of the paper/card files I have made for you all. When you use the papers, if you could add an image of your creation at the bottom of my blog or even email them directly to me, I would really appreciate it. I want to build a collection of images for others to see as well, so those that are posted here or emailed directly to me will be put into a file to be posted at the bottom of the blog itself for everyone to see. Thank you!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Card Papers

I created 2 more card designs tonight.  Feel free to snag them up.  There are 6 different color files in the butterfly batch and 8 different color files corner flourish batch.


gray to purple card


I also created and added a blog button.  Feel free to add to your blogs if you would like.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Eye Mask

Making a gift for daddy for daddy’s day and K insisted on one herself.  So I made her dig through my scraps fabric bin had her pick out which one she wanted.  I knew she wouldn’t wear it often, if at all after the initial photos taken, so I wasn’t worried about the backing fabric, so I just used some matching felt that I had laying around.  Here is a picture of hers completed and her wearing it.


Daddy, I doubt you’ll see this, since you never read my blog anyway, but in case you are, and it isn’t Father’s Day yet, TURN AWAY!!

Here is daddy’s. I made his from a fabric I had bought to make him his own apron, but then he found one at the swap meet that happens every weekend here.  So I had a ton of it to play with.  I used a black minky for the back.



**Disclaimer: Never make one for a present around a 3 year old and expect them to keep it a secret.  Daddy came home from work and seen hers and asked where his was…she blabbed, and daddy got an early Father’s Day gift…

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Paper Making Love

I have really been enjoying my new found skill of scrapbook paper designs.  I had a lady in a Yahoo group comment about how she would love them in card size.  So I made one up and again just played with the colors. I made them as full sheet if you wanted to use the top side as a paper, or as the back side of the card.  I also made it as a foldable card with my watermark on it. You can download these files for free HERE . These files are all in 8.5”x11”

charcoal Floral Tree cardcharcoal Floral Tree


Also today I made another 12x12 page.  There are 2 versions of it, as flat image and as an embossed looked image.  I love the way that the embossing makes the image pop a little more.  You can get these files HERE and HERE.

sunny skies w tree new wmsunny skies w tree wm

Mama Got Her New Purse

My old one was starting to get to the point of beyond washing to get it clean.  Doesn’t help that I had set it on top of a mini Babybel wax inside of a hot had melted and I didn’t notice it right away and well the wax just embedded itself into the fibers of the old one. And it has been over a year, so it’s was time for a new one anyway.  Anyhow, I picked out some upholstery fabric for this one, just so it was a bit more sturdy, and let me just say, MAMA LOVES HER NEW PURSE!!

06072011-Mama's new purse

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Paisley Print Scrapbook Papers

I made a few more papers today.  This time, same print just different background colors to be more of a pack.  I will spare you the mass of the papers, there are 20 colors in this pack right now, but you can go HERE and download them separately or all of them.  If you have a color you are looking for and happen to know the color coordinate numbers for it, please feel free to contact me and I can make it for you. Here is an example as to what this pack looks like.

dark grey paisleylime green paisley

Pale Pink PaisleyWhite Paisley

Monday, June 06, 2011

Scrapbook Paper

I was playing around in PE8 tonight and made a bunch of scrapbook papers.  I made one and just started having fun with it, ended up making 14 in total.  I think this will become yet another new hobby of mine.  They are 12x12 in size, so they are perfect for scrapbooking if I were to take them to get printed.

aqua bottom flourishbrick red center flourish

Green flourish frameGrey Skull Flourish 2

Grey Skull Flourish 3Grey Skull Flourish 4

Grey Skull Flourish 5Grey Skull Flourish

heart paperLavendar flourish corner

Pink butterfly cornerPink flourish corner

Purple butterfly corner flourishYellow Sunflower

All of these papers are free to download HERE.  Please note that each file is not watermarked as you see here, so you will get a full 12x12 300dpi .jpg file that you are free to use for personal use only.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Car Seat Tent

Final piece for my friends sister was a car seat tent.  Unfortunately since she lives in FL and I in CA, it will be a bit till we can get an actual picture of it set up on the car seat because I no longer have one on hand.  But here are the fabrics that were used for this one.

06062011 Car Seat Tent fabric