Thursday, June 09, 2011

Eye Mask

Making a gift for daddy for daddy’s day and K insisted on one herself.  So I made her dig through my scraps fabric bin had her pick out which one she wanted.  I knew she wouldn’t wear it often, if at all after the initial photos taken, so I wasn’t worried about the backing fabric, so I just used some matching felt that I had laying around.  Here is a picture of hers completed and her wearing it.


Daddy, I doubt you’ll see this, since you never read my blog anyway, but in case you are, and it isn’t Father’s Day yet, TURN AWAY!!

Here is daddy’s. I made his from a fabric I had bought to make him his own apron, but then he found one at the swap meet that happens every weekend here.  So I had a ton of it to play with.  I used a black minky for the back.



**Disclaimer: Never make one for a present around a 3 year old and expect them to keep it a secret.  Daddy came home from work and seen hers and asked where his was…she blabbed, and daddy got an early Father’s Day gift…

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