Monday, April 30, 2012

Where has all my crafting mojo gone?

This is a pretty personal post for me, so if you would rather not read about my personal life, then you may want to skip this blog post.

You may have noticed my crafting blog here has completely been lost in the last few months.  Why you may ask? Well stress is the answer.  In December, my husbands job downgraded and he got put onto part time.  He knew it was coming, sorta, they are always slow around Christmas, and there really wasn’t anyone else they could cut, as they were already down to their bare minimum of employees, all they had left were managers, including my husband, but he was what you would consider middle management.

In late January, I was diagnosed with depression and was put on antidepressants.  I never got to the point of wanting to hurt or kill myself or others, but a mild case of depression in the least.  I had lost all motivation to do anything, crafting and doing anything with my daughter were feeling like chores to me, instead of fun and an outlet.  I sat on the couch all day, didn’t care what my house looked like, that the dishes piled up, that the house really needed to cleaned, spending time with any friends, let alone leave the house or even want to shower, none of it mattered to me.  I was sad all the time, I wanted to sleep all the time, and every little thing just got me flustered and irritated and I would have loved to just stay in bed all day long, but I couldn’t, I had a family to take care of.  Things are better now, I still have days when the meds just aren’t enough, but that is my choice.  My doctor wanted me on 40mg of the med, but I noticed a huge difference in my mood and motivation at just 20mg, so I told her I would not go up on my meds unless I don’t feel it isn’t working.

In March, we came to realize that my husbands company isn’t picking back up this year, and I was finally able to talk him into moving back to Wisconsin where my family is located.  We started looking into moving companies to move us across country.  The quotes were a lot higher than what we expected them to be, so on a tight budget we went so we could save up for the move. 

April brings us to our current state, 2 weeks ago, my husband got laid off. Stress has super kicked in.  We don’t know when his unemployment will kick in, and here in CA, they have a cap on the amount you can receive on unemployment each week, which happens to be even less than what he was getting working part time. Funds were already tight, now I have no clue how we are going to save up for a move, let alone even make bills.  Once we get out of CA though, things will be better cause we won’t have the ridiculous high rental costs, so things will definitely be less stressful, but we have no clue how we are going to get the funds to do a move now.  Which leaves not only myself stressing, but my husband as well. 

And that is where things stand, we have been selling items we are not planning on taking with us for the move, FreeCycling other items that aren’t worth much, but still have plenty of use left in them. We have also decided a lot of the items we were planning on taking with us, will no longer be going so we can downsize the costs of the move.