Saturday, February 16, 2013

Birthday and Valentines Cards

Now that I have returned to work, my crafting time has come to almost a complete halt…dang government for wanting money for everything.  I did however sneak in some time to make a few cards after everyone else was in bed for the night.  I was also able to make some valentines for K’s class, since she insisted on having Alvin the Chipmunk (her current obsession) on her cards and since he isn’t “IT” right now, there was nothing in the stores, so I had to make them for her.


My hubby’s 42nd birthday was on the 12th, so I made him cards from both K and I.  The one from K was one I just made up in Photoshop Elements, the owl one I made using both Photoshop and just a paper cutter.

Frog Card

Owl Birthday

Valentines day card that I designed using SCAL3 and my Cameo.  The pink is an overlay on a solid red background.

Valentine Card

I ended up making 18 of these Alvin the Chipmunk Valentine cards for K’s class. Only took K 3 hours to write her classmates names and her name on the back of each of them. granted that was spread out over the whole weekend, but ugh, what a pain that was, maybe I should have just been like the majority of the class and filled them out myself for her…but we were asked to let them do it so they could get the handwriting skills in, so I did as was asked, but when your child has ADD, it takes patience on all ends to get through such a simple task, something we all need to work on here.

Alvin Valentine