Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wow On A Roll

I am on a roll with papers this week.  5 new designs were created tonight. There are several different colors done up of each design in the download folders.  You can find them at their link here: Center Floral, Checked, Faded Floral, Plaid, & Vines.  All 5 paper designs are 8”x8” and are 300dpi.  Enjoy them.

pink lime

grey to blue sky


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seeing Spots With An Abstract Eye

2 new sets of papers this evening.  I See Spots and Abstract Eye.  Both sets are all 8”x8” 300dpi.  Please feel free to go grab them.




I am usually not the type to try to get people to help me out on joining a referral type program to help me get “points” to go towards items, but this one actually would really help me out to get money saved up for K’s Birthday & Christmas gifts, and who couldn’t use help with that when you are on a fixed budget and have young children? Anyhow, if I could get a few people to help me out by joining Superpoints under me and just taking 3 minutes a day to click your mouse button a few times to try to earn yourself points to go towards gift cards or other items, please let me know and I can send you an email referral to join under me.

I save my points up and buy Amazon Gift Cards, to which I just add to my Amazon account and am able to buy anything on Amazon my little K’s heart desires.  How could I resist my little K when she has learned that little cute trick of “batting her eyes” at me and daddy?  I just can’t do it!  Can you? 

Remember, you gain points, and I can get extra points from any points you earn on your “super lucky button” so it is really a win win and if you can get other to help you out, you also can earn more points from them as well.  What could be better for a few minutes each day?   So if you are interested in helping out with a few extra funds/gifts for us both, please either email me directly or you can leave a comment below with your email address and I will forward you the referral link.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Letter Size Papers

I decided to test out how others would receive and use an 8.5”x11” 300dpi paper. You can find them HERE to download for personal use.






New Dresses

I have made 2 new dresses.  One for K and one for my great-niece who is a year and a half old.  Since K is so tiny in structure, her cousin, K², are basically the same size, so I was able to make the dress for K² to fit K. Are you confused yet?  Since I finished the dress for K, she has refused to take it off, I have to peel it off of her if we need to leave the house.  They are both available for purchase for $45 each, however, I have yet to list them in the Etsy or Facebook stores. If you are interested, please contact me.

K²’s dress, same pattern as the Super Twirly Dress I made K below.

08102011 - k²

K’s dress is called "The Gem Dress" by the same designer Brynnberlee.  I bought 5 of her patterns, so there are more to come in the near the future. I did alter the pattern a bit for this one, I added a bottom ruffle to it, to give it some extra length and a bit more flair. Because the photo is kind of blurry, you can’t really see the fabric pattern all to well, so here is a better photo for that, as well.


K loves it!! And has gotten several compliments on it the night we went out for dinner while she was wearing it.

08192011- skelanimals

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Paper Rose

I am on a roll again tonight.  HERE are 9 more papers to download.  8”x8” 300dpi.

aqualavendarPale Bluewhite

Lightening Papers

I created more papers tonight.  This time I did 8”x8” 300dpi files, in 10 colors.  You can find them HERE for download.

dark graygraymidnightpurple

WOW–Just Call Me Slacker

I have been slacking on updating my blog, *slaps myself on the hand* Bad me!  I have however been creating things. 2 dresses for K but only one 4 “pack” of papers. First the papers, I call them “flowering hearts” and can be downloaded HERE.

blue greenpurple red

Next are her dresses.  The first dress is what the designer called “Girls Braided Dress” that I found the tutorial for on Here is what K’s ended up looking like.

  07102011- braided dress front  07102011- braided dress back


And then the dress I made for her last night.  I found the pattern on Brynnberlee's Etsy Shop.  The dress I made was the Super Twirly Tiered Dress.  Since I have a bunch of the solid seersucker blue left over from the first dress, and K loves the color as well, we decided to use that to accent this one.  Here is how K’s turned out.

08032011-super twirly front 08032011-super twirly back

08032011-super twirly spin 08032011-super twirly spin2


Also you will notice the difference in the length of K’s hair in these photos.  It is a sour spot in my mind yet still, but this girl found a pair of safety scissors in the linen closet 2 weeks ago, when she was supposed to be sleeping, and chopped off the whole left side of her head.  So now not only did she have to have a shorter bob from the first time she got ahold of some scissors, but now she had to go to a complete “boy” cut.  I know it is only hair, and just about every child does it at one point or another, but it wasn’t just a small piece this time, this time it was the whole side of her head, her Rapunzel Barbie doll hair, and the jammies she was wearing that night.  I was so sad about it all that I cried for her.  

I have also decided that being a nanny outside of our home was not going to work for me & K.  K did not adjust well to not getting my full attention, but also to having to change her schedule up completely to someone else’s.  This also took time away from her seeing her daddy.  The 4 days a week I was working, on full days, I wasn’t getting home till 6:45pm, then it was dinner time for her and basically straight to bed for 8pm.  She started acting up cause of all of it and just wasn’t listening to anything I would ask her or tell her to do.  It was not only rough on her, but also on myself cause she was stressing me out terribly, to the point where I was getting sick from it all.  I am now officially a homemaker again.  Money will be tight, but we will  survive…for now at least till I can find a part time night job so she can still spend the day with me and the evenings with daddy.

I have also been going to the gym at least 3 days a week.  So far I have lost a total of 16 pounds, which is the lowest I have weighed since before I got pregnant with K in 2007!!  I am hoping to keep on this track and keep the weight off this time.

Sorry for the babble, but that has been about all that is going on around here that is keeping me busy.