Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Car Seat Tent, Sheet & Boppy Cover

Today M and I finished off a few more projects.  While I finished up the car seat tent, which ended up being a total of 11 different pieces sewn together compared to the 6 pieces it is normally, M starting the cutting and sewing on the crib sheet. We wanted to try it on the crib mattress before we put the rest of the elastic corners on, so we put on 2 corners and she took it home to make sure it fits and will put in the other 2 corners at home herself.  She called me earlier and said she tried it on the mattress and said that it fit like a glove.  That was music to my ears! 

After I finished the car seat tent, I started cutting the pieces for the boppy cover, and man piecing that thing was a pain. The front ended up being 3 different pieces because we didn’t have enough of the fabric that she originally wanted as the front due to the way it had to get cut apart for the car seat tent, and the back is 2 pieces because the way the fabric that we did have for it was laid out. The back is the red stripe you see in the car seat tent, I didn’t take any photos of the back though.

It is all coming together though and all turning out so much cuter than I would have imagined it would be. Next piece is cutting apart the twin bed skirt and making that into crib size, the crib bumper, and final piece of a hooded towel. At least that is all for now, the hooded towel was added to the list today, so who knows what will end up being added before we completely get done with this whole project.

06142011-skurvy car seat tent front

06142011-skurvy car seat tent back

06142011-skurvy crib sheet

06142011-skurvy boppy

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