Friday, July 01, 2011

Returned To Work

After 3.5 years of completely being a stay at home mom, I have returned to work this week.  While I am still lucky enough to have K with me daily, I am now a nanny to a 4 year old and 19 month old sisters.  I have known the 4 year old since she was about 10 months old and the 19 month old well since she was still in mommy’s tummy.  K and P(4yo) play pretty well together, as with any setting of toddlers,  you are going to get some not getting along or tattling, but all in all they are great together.  And well A(19mo) is just a sweetie and cries when I leave. 

Along with going back to work, my husband and I have joined the gym basically across the street from us.  I am still trying to get my work schedule down completely so I can work in dinner and bedtime for K after we get home, and figure out when I get time to get over to the gym.  It will get routine here soon hopefully though.

That all being said, until we get all get into each others routines, my crafting is kinda put on hold unfortunately.  I have been trying to get some squares done for a couple blankets I am making, unfortunately though I am only averaging a square a night.  I did get a purse made for an order (photos will be coming this weekend sometime), and a pencil skirt type dress for K (also will post this weekend).  Hopefully I will get around to making a few papers this weekend as well.  I have had requests for regular size papers (8.5”x11”) as many don’t have wide format printers, but still want to use the designs.  I will create some of those for you, as well as some 8”x8” papers soon. 

Well there is where my recent crafting/posting hiatus came from.  I will hopefully get things all set here soon for me to get back into it all.

P.S. the monthly bandwidth has been reset now on so you can go back there and download again.

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