Monday, September 26, 2011

Charm Swap

Looks like I will be doing the paper charm swap, since that seems to be the consensus of the feedback that I did get.  I will get a sign up going first and see how many I get signed up before I decide on how many patterns each participant will do. 
Cuts will be 6”x6” so there will be 4 squares from each sheet.  I will most likely set it up where everyone will do 3-5 different patterns (depending on how many we get signed up) and will have you each send in enough for 2 of each pattern for each participant.  That would mean, if we have 10 people sign up, we do 3 patterns each, 5 sheets of each pattern will have to be cut up into the 6”x6” squares and sent to me.  So you would need 15 papers total to cut up and send, and you would get a total of 60 squares sent back to you. If we do 5 patterns, 25 sheets to cut, and you would get back 100 squares, etc.
I have created a Flickr group so everyone can post a photo of each of their patterns they will be sending so we don’t get duplicates of papers. There will be no theme, however, there will be NO solid color papers, each will have some pattern on it, whether it be an embossing of some sort, or a full sheet of say snowmen, but each sheet must be of pattern of some sort. As for a deadline to have your papers to me, we will see how fast we get enough people signed up for this.
I am excited, I have never hosted anything like this, or for that matter have seen/heard of a paper charm swap, but what the heck, let’s start a new trend!  Lets get this sign up started!  Will aim for 10 right now and then if we get more interest we can always add more to the list. I will edit when I get sign ups to add you on, so if you can provide a blog address, if you have one, that would be great. I will also need a way to contact you, so please make sure I get your email address as well. Your email address will also be the one I send the invite to for the Flickr group.  Sign up can either be in the comments here or by sending an email to myself at  
When you send me your squares, I will also have you send me a SASE to send the squares back to you. Make sure that envelop will be big enough and have enough postage on it to get them all back to you.

The participant list!
1. Kami
2. Patricia
3. Shalon
4. Dana H.
5. Jill
6. Tammy


  1. Ladies, I have done this with fabrics a lot. And some tips would be to put your name and address in a ziploc bag with your papers before you mail. That way if the outside packaging gets destroyed you can still get your papers back. And trust me I have had some that have been tore up so bad had the fabric not been inclosed in something else it would have not made it.

  2. I want to play!

    Patricia a.k.a. patchworkhen at gmail dot com

  3. Hi Kami

    I got my invite to flicker for the paper charm swap but I cannot find the group. Help!

    patchworkhen at gmail dot com

  4. Patricia, you should just be able to click on Groups at the top of the main page and it should show up there. If not, let me know.