Thursday, September 08, 2011

Skirt and Anniversary Card

My 4 year anniversary was on the 31st of August and I made a card for my hubby.  I was happy with the concept, as it turned out as I wanted it to, however I am not happy with the papers I chose for some of it, the frame flourish should have been a different, darker paper cause it blended way too much with the background.


I also had a very happy, yet sad day on Tuesday Sept. 6th, as my little sidekick K started school for the very first time.  My little girl is now a pre-kindergartener!  I made her a new skirt over the weekend and she insisted on wearing it for her first day of school. So that she did.  I used this tutorial to generally make it, I did change it up and fully line the whole thing and I will make further changes on it for the next one, but that is the general idea that I used to make it.  I was quite surprised that I found the fat quarters at, of all places, Big Lots for a buck! I bought 6 of each of these patterns, I cut up 3 of each and still have plenty of them left over.  K wears a 2T in shorts, 3T in pants but only for the length, has a 19.5inch waist, so she really doesn’t need that big of a round.  I had sewn a bunch around and then I measured it up to her, I wrapped it around and doubled over 2 of the strips to give it a little more fullness and a bit of twirliness effect to it, since she so loves to twirl.


And of course I have to post a photo to document K’s first day of school. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights in the photo, but still my little cutie.



  1. Kami,
    The card is fine and I am sure he loved it! Wow! You must have lots of patience to deal with making that is really nice and your daughter is a cutie. TFS

  2. Happy Anniversary! Cute skirt! Aw, the first day of school. What a special memory. :)